About Us

One of the greatest joys of my life and most amazing accomplishments as a woman and person has been my two children Leah and Jordan. Having been a parent I understand first hand the commitment and love that is required over the years to be successful. My heart goes out to all parents that have endured and persevered to raise a happy and healthy family. Now that my children are grown I have two beautiful granddaughters to enjoy. Many times have I proudly presented photographs of their lovely faces and in return have received lavish compliments. Thank you to all! Consequently, in return often both friend and acquaintance have presented pictures of their beautiful furbabies. I have been touched by their impressive stories accounting the level of kind dedication many owners have displayed toward their family pets.

Upon reflection, some of my most enjoyable moments of expressing my love for my children/grandchildren waswhile baking cookies from scratch. It has been six years since I was able to see well enough to work outside the home. I know first hand how difficult it can be to put dinner on the table for a growing family when both parents must work full time jobs. Even more difficult was making time for baking the extra special goodies we all crave. Therefore, I though that many of my friends and family with a canine companion probably struggle with this issue.